About us

Planet carnivore is dedicated to conserving carnivores and the ecosystems they call home by changing the hearts and minds of individuals through media, awareness campaigns and scientific research. Our goal is to develop a non-confrontational environment where humans and wildlife can co-exist and flourish without conflict. 

Why Carnivores? 


Carnivores are a keystone species essential to the health of ecosystems, acting as a natural regulator of herbivore populations, ensuring opportunities for the rejuvenation of habitats and controlling the spread of pest species and disease which could cause negative economic impacts on communities. This is why the protection of carnivores is so important to the world we live in. 

Who we are 

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George Wykes 


George found his love for wildlife at a young age, influenced by his grandfather who shared his passion for birds. George has a wealth of experience in conservation including many placements around the globe. George has secured an MSc in Advanced Wildlife Conservation in Practice and co-founded Planet Carnivore to continue his passion and improve the fate of animals and our planet.


Peter Allison


Peter is an Australian writer and safari guide now living in Cape Town. 

His books feature tales of life living and working in the bush as a guide as well as time in South America. They include hilarious titles like 'Whatever you do don't run', 'Don't look behind you' and 'How to walk a Puma'. 

With a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience with some of the worlds most interesting animals, Peter joins us as a supporter of Planet Carnivore. 

You can find Peter's books on amazon here


Heidi Crundwell

Heidi grew up on a farm and has had a love of animals and the natural world from a young age. This interest took her travelling around the world before attending university and achieving an FdSc in Wildlife Education and Media. Heidi has worked for various wildlife charities and now has her own photography business producing fine art wildlife imagery. She hopes to encourage viewers to appreciate the natural world and to care more about conserving the animals within. Supporting Planet Carnivore, she wishes to continue that message and to help conservation efforts around the world. 

You can view Heidi's website here 

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Helen Williams

Helen has a strong love for all creatures great and small and has been working with animals since leaving school. Specialising in offering young people opportunities to experience the wonder of UK wildlife, Helen’s experience includes securing FdSc in Wildlife Education and Media, BSc in Applied Zoology, and more recently an MSc in Advanced Wildlife Conservation in Practice. Helen continues her work to change attitudes towards wildlife and animal welfare through her work with Planet Carnivore.


Rhodri Phillips

Rhodri is an MSc graduate in wildlife conservation who specialises in mitigation and road ecology. He has previously taken part in international conservation projects in Slovakia and South Africa, while also running projects for the Welsh Government here in the UK. He is currently studying at Cardiff University in partnership with the Welsh Government, aiming to help lessen the impacts of human infrastructure on UK Wildlife.


Matilda osborne ACIM

Matilda is a Marketing Professional with over 7 years’ experience. Matilda brings to the table a working knowledge of developing and managing marketing strategies and experience in executing campaigns and analysing performance. Matilda hopes to use her skills in digital marketing to raise awareness and encourage online engagement with Planet Carnivore and the work they are doing in the field.


KAUSH Subramanium MSc

Conservation biologist and avid photographer from London, Kaush’s main research interests are human-wildlife interactions and conservation ecology. Growing up in the suburbs of London with limited exposure to wildlife, he’s spent most of his adult life travelling the world in search of the wild and wonderful. At home on land as well as underwater, Kaush is an experienced scuba and free diver and has spent time in the Maldives researching whale sharks for his master’s dissertation. When he’s not in the field you can find him editing shots from his latest expedition or out on long walks with his dog.


JACK Mansfield

Jack is studying Forensics with Criminology at the University of Portsmouth and hopes to combine his degree and interest in animal welfare to work in conservation in the future. He hopes that by working with Planet Carnivore, he will develop an understanding of the problems concerning conservation and gain valuable experience. He loves to travel and often spends his weekends fishing.  


Rachel Mitchell 

Rachel is currently studying Law with criminology at Portsmouth University and had the intention of joining the Metropolitan police. However, realising her love of animals and study choice could be combined into a career she has begun volunteering with Planet Carnivore with a view to finding a pathway into a Wildlife Crime related role. Rachel is particularly fond of Whales and combines this love with travel. Outside of studying and volunteering with Planet Carnivore, Rachel has been participating in the sport of Flyball, running dogs over jumps in a relay-style format in teams of four against other teams. She is proud to be a part of the Planet Carnivore team and is looking forward to helping make a difference.


leigh-ann barran 

Leigh-Ann spent the first few years of her life in Toronto, Canada before moving to England where she completed her undergraduate degree in Biology & Chemistry at the University of Liverpool. Her dissertation examined the feasibility of using entomopathogenic nematodes in integrative pest management as an eco-friendly solution to chemical pesticide reliance and resistance. While working as a research technician for a cobra radio-tracking project in Thailand throughout 2018, she fell in love with the tropics, fieldwork, and herpetology. By far her greatest and most rewarding challenge so far, she wrestled both mental and physical challenges from the environment, locals, snakes, motorcycles, and remote living conditions during that project. Her current work as an ecological consultant in Essex, England gives her the opportunity to learn more about the ecology of European protected species and applications of legislation. Research interests include human/wildlife conflicts, spatial ecology, and epidemiology.


Charley Bird 

Charley is a co-founder of Severn Wildlife Rescue, and a regular volunteer for conservation projects around the UK. Their particular passions are bats; they have been a trained bat carer for nearly three years, and work for the Bat Conservation Trust. Charley also has a strong passion for sharks, and is committed to helping change negative and false perceptions of wildlife, which have led to its lack of importance in the modern world's eyes. They have a BSc in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science. Having grown up in Devon, Charley has a strong affinity with the ocean and hopes for their career to progress into marine conservation.


Stephanie Wilmott

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Master of Research in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation. She has lived and worked in multiple countries around the world and has gained extensive experience in the field, providing training and support to volunteers and managing projects. She has a passion for all of the natural environment, and has a positive outlook for the future of the planet.